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2014 CASS Certification Recipients

2015 CASS Certification Recipients

Updating your CASS designation

The IdeasAmerica Association's primary objective in providing certification programs is to improve the image, role and effectiveness of administrators and managers of idea, involvement and innovation systems.

The CASS designation is awarded by the IdeasAmerica Association to individuals who attend the CASS workshop and successfully complete the CASS test. The professional designation is valid for three years and can be renewed every three years if the following requirements are met.

  • Establish professional standards of excellence
  • Assist management in recruiting, selecting and evaluating personnel  
  • Provide a means for qualified individuals to receive professional recognition for the knowledge of the principles and practices  
  • Stimulate greater pride and satisfaction
  • Identify principles and ethical practices for suggestion systems and expand knowledge and improve performance

Congratulations to IA's new CASS Certification Recipients with host, Brenda Kelly from Savannah River Nuclear Solutions.  The training was held at our April 2012 Regional Meeting in Aikens, South Carolina. ​

From left to right:  Andrea Gregory, Helen Jefferson, Maria DeFever, Brenda Kelly and Michael Jordan.

Congratulations to those who received their training and certification at the IA Summit in Baltimore, Maryland.

Front Row: Eng. Amel Al Hammdi (DEWA), Eng. Maryam Al Neaimi (DEWA), Diana Allen (SHOWA) and Brenda Kelly (SRNS) (CASS Facilitators), Second Row: Irfan Shahid (DEWA), Deanna Goodlove,(SRNS), Sami Essa (Dubai Customs), Manoj Philip (Almajdouie Holding Co.), Third Row: Kelly Flynn(Asama Coldwater, Mfg. Inc.), Maher Al Sayed Ali (Emirates Transport), Mohammed I Sonqi (DEWA), Fourth Row: Khahlid Ahmed (Dubai Customs), Swamynathan Subramanian (DEWA), Matthias Nehrhoff (Continental AG), Top Row: Eng. Matar Suhail Al Mheiri (DEWA) and Joe Legge (SRNS).

2016 CASS Certification Recipients

Congratulations to those who received their training and certification at the IA Summit in Denver, Colorado.

From left to right: Sami Essa (Dubai Customs), Mohamed Al Sarkal (Dubai Customs), Rita Simpson (US Army HRC), Adrienne Finley (Social Security Administration), Stephan Spada (Swiss Federal Railways), Tom DeWitt (Grote Industries)

Congratulations to those who received their training and certification at the IA Summit in Orlando, Florida. ​

From left to right:  Bob Stergos (Performance Plus Management, Roswellm, GA), Nancy Cruger (KANE is Able, Inc., Scranton, PA), Paula Croom (Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Aiken, SC)  , LaVerne Holland (IA Director, Catsonville, MD), Raine Weimortz(Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, Aiken, SC), Diana Allen (IA President, American Showa Inc., Sunbury, OH), Rita McCoy (CenterPoint Engergy, Houston, TX), Burke Watson(CenterPoint Engergy, Houston, TX)

Certified Administrator of Suggestion Systems (CASS)

2012 CASS Certification Recipients

Congratulations to those who received their training and certification at the IA Summit in Atlanta, Georgia.

Front Row: Joi Silver (Integrated Manufacturing & Assembly), Mahasal Khan (EGA), Katie Biehl (Morton Salt), Shanna Cummings (Harris Health Systems)

Back Row: Khalid Al Zarooni (Dubai Customs), Veronica Thomas (Savannah River Nuculear Solutions), Dave Sharpley (Asama Coldwater Mfg.), Suzi Clark (BMW), Brenda Kelly (IA President & CASS Insructor/Savannah River Nuclear Solutions), Andrea Kelley (IA Director & CASS Instructor/Harris Health Sytems), Diana Allen (IA Treasurer & CASS Instructor).

If a certification has lapsed for longer than 12 months, the workshop and test must be repeated at the annual conference.

Please indicate the dates during which you have been involved in suggestion program administration and the percentage of work time spent in suggestion program administration: To qualify for recertification, you must spend at least 33% of your time in suggestion program administration.
Please outline your professional activities during the last 3 years related to suggestion program administration including articles written, continuing education classes taken, presentations at professional seminars, training classes conducted: To be recertified, you must document a minimum of five (5) professional activities. Participation at the IA Conference counts for each year you have attended.

Is available to IA members.Currently, on-site certification training is offered in conjunction with the IA Annual Conference.  The next training and recertification will be provided offered at our next Training and Networking conference in Las Vegas, NV. Recertification will also be available to take on-line through-out the year. You will be able to register for this program with your Annual Conference Registration.

  • Continued involvement in suggestion program administration
  • $125 renewal fee for IA members only
  • Completion of the renewal application form -- click here for the form. (PDF) 
  • Information requested is outlined below.


Certification Program Objectives

Internationally Recognized Professional Certifications

Leaders in Ideas, Innovation & Involvement

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2013 CASS Certification Recipients