We are excited to have speakers we have invited from the US and overseas.  Join us for the following sessions.

Wednesday 8/15/18

#1 "Developing an Innovation Mindset"  Simerjeet Singh - International Speaker India
#2  Collecting Ideas - Hot Bin, Loony Bin, Ice Cold Bin and Resource Bin - Ed Bernacki, The Idea Factory
#3 Panel Discussion with Award Winners: Dubai Customs, Asama Coldwater, Savannah River Nuclear, BMW 

Theater Experience with Blue Man Group (additional fee)

Thursday 8/16/18

#1 Iconic Change in Idea Management?- Dr. Daniel Klein - Idea Management , BMW Group, Germany

#2 Asama Coldwater Manufacturing
#3 Boosting the Creative Confidence of Your Team Simerjeet Singh

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  • Certified Administrator of Suggestion Systems Certification (CASS)
  • Basic Concepts: How to Start A Suggestion Plan Proces